Sermon Podcast

  • The Delight of God

    The Delight of God

    Many of us believe God loves us – or at least tolerates us – but struggle to believe God delights in us. In this sermon, Pastor David Schell invites you to believe in God’s delight in you.

  • Shake Off the Dust

    Shake Off the Dust

    Sometimes trying to do the hard thing stops you from doing the easy thing. When Jesus is rejected in his hometown, he doesn’t double down; he just… leaves.

  • Jesus Has to Stop the Bleeding First

    Jesus Has to Stop the Bleeding First

    A leader in the local religious institution asks Jesus to bring life to his daughter, but on the way, Jesus has to stop the suffering of a woman who is unable to participate in the life of the community, who has no one to advocate for her, whose life blood is flowing out of her.…

  • Sometimes Amazing Things Happen

    Sometimes Amazing Things Happen

    It’s much easier to believe God only works behind the scenes in subtle ways in people’s hearts, but every now and again, a shepherd defeats a giant, and every now and then, there’s Jesus, standing in a storm and speaking to the wind like it’s a petulant child.

  • A New Creation

    A New Creation

    “If anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation.” Is this a one-time thing? You are in Christ, then instantly become a new creation? Or is Paul talking about something else, something more beautiful and slow?

  • God and Government

    God and Government

    The biblical story of the anointing of Saul as king reminds us of our true allegiance to God and our calling to love our neighbors, above governments.

  • Earthen Vessels

    Earthen Vessels

    Sometimes we are tempted to compare ourselves to others, who we might think are better people, but Paul’s words in II Corinthians 4 teach us that the light of God’s love shines through us regular folks, too.

  • The Untold History of Mother’s Day

    The Untold History of Mother’s Day

    The story of Mother’s Day includes a woman who lost children and worked to improve conditions for other mothers; her daughter who lost her mother and never became a mother herself; and a woman who thought women should not have their sons sent off to war without any mothers being involved in that decision.

  • Where is God?

    Where is God?

    When evil or harm happens, we ask where God is. On the cross Jesus demonstrated forever that God is suffering with the oppressed, with the hurting, with the broken-hearted and angry… God is suffering with us.

  • You Can’t Outrun the Love of God

    You Can’t Outrun the Love of God

    We had thought that our sins were in the way, our sins were between us and God and if we just did enough, God would love us, but God already does love us, and showed it in doing for us the thing we thought we were supposed to do for God.