Feel Your Feels

If you happen to turn on your television or computer (or even open your newspaper or advertising mailer), you’re likely […]

There Is No Tiger

I recently had a meeting that I was very anxious about. I worried I had done something wrong and was […]

Who’s afraid of Exvangelicals?

I was writhing in fury in the balcony of a Colorado Springs megachurch one Saturday night in 2013. I gripped […]

Thoughts on atheism and kindness

Because of Psalm 14:1 (“Fools say in their hearts, ‘There is no God’”) there are jokes about April Fools’ Day […]

God’s kind of justice

I used to not care much for God’s justice. That’s because I thought of justice like Tom Sawyer’s Aunt Polly. […]

Look at the serpent

There’s a story in the Bible, in Numbers 21, about the people of God. They are in the wilderness, in […]

Caution, Not Fear

“Seat belts.” If you have kids old enough to buckle themselves in, you’ve probably said that more times than you […]