YELLOW PEW ENVELOPES:  Envelopes are provided in church pews for donations toward Deacons General/Funeral Fund and Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen.

Deacons General Fund:  goes towards the purchase of communion cups, oil for candles, Advent candles, flowers for home-bound members (Christmas and Easter), printed support materials for members:  These Days devotional, Care Notes (various topics), greeting cards and postage for members; CD players for home-bound members.

Deacons Funeral Fund:  goes toward any funeral luncheon expenses that are not reimbursed by the family.

Donations to the Deacons General Fund and/or Funeral Fund should be made payable to Fairplain Presbyterian Church, memo on check for designation.

Food Pantry:  to purchase products we are low on, or take advantage of good sales on products we normally furnish in food bags from our local retail grocer.

Soup Kitchen:  to purchase the needed side dishes for our once-a-month meals we prepare to the soup kitchen in Benton Harbor.

Donations to the Food Pantry and/or Soup Kitchen should be made payable to the Community Food Pantry at Fairplain Presbyterian Church.