MWLS: The First Biblical Murder

Pastor David has some questions about Cain and Abel. Why did God like Abel’s sacrifice and not Cain’s? Why did Cain kill Abel? Did he know hitting him on the head with a rock would kill him? Did he even understand death in humans was a thing?

(Spoiler: There may not be answers, but there will probably be more questions).

Due to technical difficulties, the live stream was cut off and unable to be brought back.

The quote David began when the video was cut off ended, “It is an etiology or origin story for people who are neither shepherds nor farmers in an otherwise dimorphic society, but who live by the cunning of their hands.”

A final observation: It’s also a story about God having mercy on Cain, even after he did the worst thing humans can do to one another.

Have a good rest of your week, and sorry of the technical difficulties this week.

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