God’s Good Road

Fairplain Presbyterian Church
Fairplain Presbyterian Church
God's Good Road

With all that’s wrong in the world, Jesus appears saying God’s kingdom is near and teaches us to pray “Thy Kingdom Come.” God’s Kingdom, defined loosely (but never explicitly defined by Jesus) is God’s alternative re-imagining of the way the world works.

Ada María Isasi-Díaz borrowed the term “kin-dom” from a friend who was a nun in a continuation of that radical re-imagining of the world as God would have it, and Terry Wildman (borrowing from other Native American theologians) used the language of “God’s Good Road” in his First Nations Version.

To see and hear Terry Wildman read the version of the prayer we used during the sermon, and to learn more about the translation, click the First Nations Version link.

This recording has been lightly edited to remove pauses, uhhs, and the occasional “Wait, I know I put an outline in this PowerPoint; where is it?