God’s a Little More Holy Than That

Fairplain Presbyterian Church
Fairplain Presbyterian Church
God's a Little More Holy Than That

In this second message on the Lord’s Prayer, we discuss “Hallowed be thy name.”

Holiness is often imagined as something scary, perhaps God killing people for not being appropriately respectful, or sending tornadoes because the Wrong People are being included, but if our understanding of God is to be (rightly) rooted in the person of Jesus Christ, then we must acknowledge God to be “A little more holy than that.”

Jesus teaches us to pray “Hallowed be Thy name.” What is attributed to God’s name has much to do with the behavior, or misbehavior, of Christians. The way we treat others, and the way we speak about God and what God wants in our world, will determine whether we enact our prayer, “Hallowed be Thy name.”