David Schell

  • Someone Else’s Side of the Story

    Have you ever heard a story so fascinating that you wanted to hear it again but from someone else’s perspective?

  • I Asked for Wonder

    The music and movies they’re making these days just aren’t as good as the ones they used to make, are they? …Or are they?

  • The Middle of the Story

    I went to film school before I went to seminary. In film school, I learned about the “Hero’s Journey,” a framework for talking about stories, popularized by Joseph Campbell. The “Journey” starts with the call to adventure, followed by the rejection of the call, and so on. While I was watching a movie last week,…

  • “Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore”

    “Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore”

    This fear isn’t new, though. As long as there has been a church, faithful Christians worried that the next generation didn’t take the faith seriously.

  • Our Common Life Depends Upon Each Other’s Toil

    We have holidays for all sorts of things, but I think Labor Day may be the only American holiday that draws attention to and honors “each other’s toil…”

  • Ask God for Good Things

    Last night after dinner, Ryan asked me, “Is it night time yet?” I said, “Why do you ask?” He said, “You said we could have lollies at night time.” “Lollies” are Ryan and Micah’s name for “Bomb Pops.” I grinned and opened the freezer door. “Yes, it’s night time.”

  • Fairplain Presbyterian Hosts YouthWorks 2023

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          CONTACT: Pastor David Schell(269) 925-0041pastor@fairplainpc.com July 26, 2023—Benton Harbor, MI—The halls of Fairplain Presbyterian Church are alive with the sound of hundreds of teens for seven weeks this summer, all here to serve the community through YouthWorks. YouthWorks organizes mission trips for church groups to locations throughout the United States. Fairplain Presbyterian…

  • Reclaiming the Rainbow

    Last month was Pride month. Rainbow flags sprouted up everywhere, as did Christians who bemoaned the selection of the rainbow as a symbol. Many complain, “They stole the rainbow from God!” and try to “reclaim” the rainbow to make it symbolize what the Bible says. That becomes more difficult on a closer reading of the…

  • Mission: The Good God is Inviting Us to Do in the World Together

    What is the good God has invited you to do in the world? And what is the good you believe God might be inviting you to do in the world through your church with other church members and our community?

  • When We Move Toward God, God Moves Toward Us

    Sometimes the practices we follow really do shape our lives.